Daily Fantasy Sports in Iowa

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Daily Fantasy Sports is a popular betting industry in the US and around the world. There are licensed DFS sites operating in all but six states. Here we’ll discuss the difference between daily fantasy and traditional fantasy as well as some important tips on how and where to play in Iowa. 

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Playing daily fantasy sports is pretty straightforward, but we’re here to break it down for you. In Iowa, if you’re 21+, you can partake in DFS betting. Daily fantasy sports are a bit different than traditional fantasy sports in that they take place over a shorter time period. Typically DFS bets take place over a day or a week period. 

Fantasy Sports Basics

Fantasy sports are a bit different than daily fantasy sports. In addition to the length of time for a bet, traditional fantasy sports are also formed around building teams. These teams include professional athletes in the same league or sporting event. 

To pick teams, you have some guidelines to follow. For instance, there is a salary cap for each fantasy sports team. Something to be aware of when you’re choosing the players for your team. After that, the players will earn points based on their chosen team’s real-life performance. 

Daily fantasy sports function the same way and you will need to choose a team that also falls under the salary cap. The difference is that whatever daily fantasy contest you choose to enter will have specific parameters you need to meet. For example, some contests might require you to lead in three-pointers for the week.

Different Types of Fantasy Leagues to Play

One of the other important factors to consider when playing daily fantasy sports is choosing which league to play. There are two popular options and it really comes down to preference. Here is some information on each. 

  • Head-to-Head League: This type of league matches up two different fantasy teams within the league each week. Whichever team’s players perform the best that week will earn the most points and win. This is the most popular type of league. 
  • Total Points League: Slightly less popular, a total points league is where teams accumulate points over a specified length of time. The league standings will depend on points earned and can change over the allotted period. The winner will be the fantasy team in the top position at the end of the timeframe. 

Types of DFS Contests

In addition to different leagues, there are also a variety of daily fantasy contests. An important part of how to DFS depends on which contest you choose. When employing a daily fantasy strategy, make sure to consider the contest. Here is some information on the different kinds of contests. 

  • Featured: This includes a list of the most popular and best tournaments offered on the DFS site. If you’re just starting out, it is a good daily fantasy strategy to check out these listings. 
  • Tournaments and Leagues: The difference between a tournament and a league is pretty simple. A league has a set number of allowed participants who can join and play. A tournament does not have a cap for participants.
  • Head-to-Head: This contest is between two chosen participants. If you decide to partake in a head-to-head contest, make sure you’re up on your daily fantasy strategy as this can be a difficult win for beginners. 
  • 50/50s and Double Ups: Some daily fantasy advice would be to try a 50/50s contest. These contests tend to be more predictable than others and therefore better suited for new players. Participants also have the opportunity to double their money with these types of bets.
  • Multipliers: This type of contest is not for the faint of heart. You will need some good daily fantasy strategy to succeed in a multipliers contest. A specific percentage of people participating in this type of contest who have the highest scores will earn part of their buy-in. 

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Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

There are some great daily fantasy sites available to Iowa bettors. Since DFS is legal in more states than a traditional casino or sports betting, a good bit of daily fantasy advice would be to check out all of the options. Some of the more popular include FanDuel, DraftKings and Monkey Knife Fight. Here is some info about each of them so you can learn how to DFS from the best. Please also note, that these sites generally have some first-time bettor incentives to be aware of. 



FanDuel is a well known DFS site. They also feature a great daily fantasy strategy and daily fantasy advice. In addition to having a DFS platform, FanDuel also has a respected online sportsbook. This means that if you choose to bet with FanDuel, you are in good company. 

FanDuel offers a ton of DFS contests as well as a mobile site available to both iPhone and Android users. Be sure to check it out!


  1. DraftKings DFS

    90 /100
    Deposit Bonus up to $500
    A customer’s first deposit (min. $5) qualifies the user to receive up to $500 in bonus funds in the form of site credits that can only be used on DraftKings. Bonus amount is equal to 20% of that deposit amount, not to exceed $500 (the user must deposit $2,500 to be eligible to receive the maximum possible bonus amount of $500). Must be at least 1y years of age and within applicable state. Full T&C apply. Visit site
    • Leader in Daily Fantasy Sports
    • Cash Prizes Weekly
    • iOS & Android

Like FanDuel, DraftKings is a large and respected platform. This daily fantasy giant has been establishing itself since 2012. In addition to the numerous betting opportunities and daily fantasy contests, DraftKings also offers an app for iPhone and Android users. It is great for daily fantasy strategy as it offers bettors a way to keep up with current happenings. 

Monkey Knife Fight


Monkey Knife Fight is also a popular option for Iowa’s daily fantasy bettors. Fantasy sports betting has generally been legal in states for longer than traditional sports betting. However, this site is one of the newer additions. Since they are working on growing their following, a bit of daily fantasy advice would be to check out their fantasy sports offers. Though they currently do not have an app, it seems like one will definitely be coming soon. So, be on the lookout as there are sure to be great promos.

How to Get Started Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are pretty straightforward. However, the best daily fantasy advice is to explore all your options. It’s important to know what leagues, what sites and what contests are available to really know how to DFS. 

Once you’ve made decisions about where to place your bets, simply navigate to your site of choice, fill in some personal info and sign up for an account. From there, just make sure to capitalize on any DFS promos offered through the site and you’ll be ready to start betting!

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